What is it that is important about our relationship with...

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      On hand and accessible


      Do everything we need

      Know where to come if we need advice


      Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable staff who are always on hand for advice and problem solving who never make you feel that you have asked a dumb question even when you have

      It’s nice to work with accountants that have a great sense of humour, give as good as they get and who always give an honest opinion even if they know we won’t like it

      Never make promises they cannot keep


      Sense of reassurance, reliability and safety that a long term relationship brings

      When there are hiccups or stumbles WM play a full part in helping to turn things around and get us back on track

      WM team explain things in plain English – rather than accounting Jargon

About us

Accountancy is a service industry, and Ward Mackenzie understand the need to SERVE you, the client. It doesn’t matter whether you are a corporate client, a sole trader, or a tax-return only client – our approach is the same. We take a personal approach to your business affairs.

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